ƒχChange Currency (Android)

Version 1.0 released May 24, 2010

Check it out on AndroidZoom! Search for "fxchange" on the Android Market to get it! Or you can use a barcode scanner on your Android device to scan the following QR code.

QR Code

A quick and simple to use currency converter!

  • Supports 118 currencies
  • Manage a list of your top currencies
  • Add the widget for quick access
  • Works offline

The widget automatically updates exchange rates once per day. Load rates by touching the widget (once per hour maximum).

Main Screen

The top currency is your primary currency. Retrieving rates will require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This version will save rates for offline use.

Screen 2

Setting Primary Currency

Set the primary currency by using the menu or by long pressing the flag at the top of the main screen. You will get the following dialog. Scroll and touch a currency to select.

Screen 3

Managing Currencies

Manage your set of favorite currencies by selecting "Manage Currencies" from the menu. The numbers on the right are the order in which they will appear on the main list. Touch a currency to add it to the list. Touch it again to remove it from the list. Only the last currency can be removed.

"Select All" will add all currencies to your list. "Clear" will remove all currencies from your list.

Screen 4


The menu will allow you to:

Long pressing on a currency will bring up a context menu which will allow you to:

Screen 5

Setting Amounts

Set the amount by long pressing the currency amount at the top of the main screen. You will get the following dialog. Scroll and touch an amount to select. Or you can enter in your own custom amount.

Screen 6


The widget can be installed by long pressing on your home screen and then selecting "Widgets" and then "fxChange Currency". The rates can be reloaded when you press it, but will only reload once per hour. It also automatically reloads once per day (as long as there is an Internet connection).

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