Currency Calculator

The main view allows you to have as many currency pairs set up as you want. Here I’ve set up 5 pages as you can see from the 5 dots at the bottom.

You can quickly scroll between the pages by flicking to the left to get to the next page. Flick to the right to get to the previous page. Also you can touch the dots at the bottom to change pages.

Touch the info (“i”) button at the bottom to add, delete or reorder pages.

iPhone 0708 iPhone 0711 iPhone 0710

Modify currency pair

On the flipside view, you can modify add, delete or reorder your currency pair pages. The screenshot on the left shows the 5 currency pairs I’ve set up. Delete a currency pair, by touching the red circle to the left of the flags. Reorder a currency pair but touching and dragging the grey lines to the right of the flags.

Touch the “Add” (“+”) button to bring up the “Add Exchange” screen. Here, scroll through the currencies you want to use and touch the “Save” button.

Once you are finished your edits, touch the “Done” button to flip you back to the main view. Or if you want, you can touch the “Compare” button at the bottom to bring up the following views.

iPhone 0712 iPhone 0715

Quick comparison

Sometimes you want to just view the exchange rate of all currencies against one. With the “Compare” view it is possible.

Change your base currency by touching any flag. If you touch the title bar (where the “Choose” is), you can also select your base currency as well as a base denomination (for instance, 1).

If you want to only have selected currencies in your list, touch the “Edit” button at the top. Here, you will be able to select only the currencies you want to see. The ones with the checkmarks are the ones which will be present in your list. Hit the “Save” button when you are done.

iPhone 0709 iPhone 0713 iPhone 0714