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“Plain and Simple ... "I like this app!" You can tell that a lot of thought and attention went into it. As a small merchant, I find it is a good tool that helps simplify purchases from people paying in foreign currencies. It is well worth the .99 cents! There are alot of functions to this app, so it takes a bit of getting use to, but once I did I found it to be a great little app!I also travel a lot, so I can see how it will come in handy while shopping in other countries, too.” - Zipparoo

“As a merchant in a tourist destination, this app has been invaluable in helping me set an informed exchange rate, given recent wide currency fluctuations.” - Bkhijk

“Easy to use, flexible and very convenient.” - Timbolinisanman

“I travel all over the world as I work for an international airline and find this a very user friendly app. Please add Costa Rican Colon as I love to travel there on my holidays. Thank you” - Fly Boy1

“The perfect application to have while traveling abroad, especially when you are paying in your native currency and the vendor offers you change in their currency. The best thing about this tool is that compared with other currency exchange iPhone apps, you don't need a constant data or wifi connection -- you can just keep using the saved rates (last downloaded to your phone or iTouch) until you need to refresh the rates again. This is particularly useful for me as I'm often on the road and an internet connection isn't always free. There are so many features packed into this little application, it really is a steal at 99cents.” - Calisser


United Kingdom

“This convertor is perfect for the travellers, because it allows you to enter your "own" exchange rate, rather than just using the latest "bank" rates – which it also downloads as well! It allows you to compare your "own" rate - i.e. the rate you got at the place where you changed your money (e.g. the bureaux-de-change, travel agent or Post Office, etc), which is often very different to the "bank" rate." Using the exchange rate you actually got, rather than “today’s bank” rate gives us travellers a much more accurate conversion for your spending! I have tried many of the other convertors from the app store, but none of them offer this "enter your "own rate feature" so I was very pleased to find “FxChange Currency” after much searching! If you are using it for shopping, it will even work out your change as you can enter the amount you paid! Its display and presentation is clear and most importantly, its quick and simple to use!” - Kewldos

“This is the first time I've decided to write a review and even though I've spent hundreds on apps / games - this app is worth the time to write a review for! It is truly excellent!! I'm off to Dubai in 2 weeks and so glad I've spent a mere 59p on an excellent app! Well worth every penny!” - Anisjolly


United States

“I'm currently travelling with a group of Americans and Australians through India and this app has been very handy. A couple of great things about it are the way you can see the exchange rate, price paid and the amount of change given in both currencies on a single page. I also like the way I can flick to a different pair of currencies very easily. When my Australian friends need to work out their rates I can very easily switch it to AUD-INR. The only reason I didn't give it the fifth star is that the first time I used it outside of wifi and edge/3G it froze on the currency update screen and no amount of restarts would get it to work. You can turn off automatic updates in the preferences but while it's trying to update you can't get to preferences page. I've now set it to manually update the exchange rates and it works perfectly whether or not I have Internet access. Just remember to set it to manual before you go anywhere remote and you'll have no problems.” - Ozexpat



“This app is fantastic. It lets you save multiple currencies, so incredibly useful when on a big trip. They make it really easy to convert specific amounts quickly. One of the most useful apps I've downloaded, especially when compared to the other currency apps out there.” - chezza g