ƒχChange Currency

Version 1.3 released May 6, 2010

Added a new calculator number entry pad!


Other features:

  • Added the Vanuatu vatu
  • Preference to turn on/off custom custom calculator/number pad
  • Various bug fixes

Look for more updates shortly!

Ever been travelling and wanted to quickly calculate how much something cost in your own currency? Or maybe, you are in a foreign market and want to find out how much change you should be getting back for that purchase. Possibly, you are a merchant that accepts cash from another country and wants to give back change in your own currency?

fxChange Currency is a utility specifically designed for travelers, shoppers and merchants.

It is not only a currency converter, but also a shopper’s calculator. It allows you to enter the price of an item, how much you paid for it and then calculates the change – applying the foreign exchange rate. Automatically retrieve the current rate online or even enter in a custom one. This comes in handy as banks and currency exchange desks often use their own rates, and also allows you to use the calculator even when you are not online.

fxChange Currency is quick and handy. You set up on the currencies that you are interested in and can quickly scroll between them. And it always remembers where you left off.

Currently supports 118 currencies, including:

  • US dollars
  • European euros
  • British pounds
  • Canadian dollars
  • Japanese yen
  • Australian dollars
  • Chinese yuan
  • Swedish krona
  • Swiss franc
  • Mexican peso
  • Singapore dollar
  • Indian rupee