ƒχChange Travel Budget

Version 1.1 released on November 11, 2010

  • New custom calculator keypad
  • Option to toggle custom keypad
  • Option to set default home country
  • Quicker data entry
  • Fixed bug where incorrect timezone was used when editing the date

fxChange Travel Budget was explicitly designed for travel and travelers. Useful for vacation budgeting, tracking business expenses, or backpackers on a tight budget.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it is important to keep track of how much money you are spending.

Budgeting apps and expense trackers help you budget for your daily life. But we all know that trips are special events! fxChange Travel Budget was uniquely designed to keep track of your expenses while you travel.

You won't keep track of your expenses if it is a chore. Luckily, it is very easy to enter your purchases. You can do it right at the shop, restaurant or hotel in a few seconds.

Feature Highlights

  • Organize your expenses by trip.
  • Create your own custom categories, subcategories and payments.
  • Native currency exchange rate handling.
  • Add purchases simply and quickly.
  • Add tax to purchases or not -- you choose!
  • Quick summaries of expenses by various criteria. 
  • Export your expenses in CSV format via email.
  • Custom keypad for quick number entry.

While you are traveling, it is hard to know how much you REALLY spent because of currency conversion. Quite often you don't know until you come home and get the bill! fxChange Travel Budget will help minimize the surprise because it integrates currency exchange rate conversion right into the app.

Currency Exchange Rates

  • Retrieve rates from the Internet or enter your own rates.
  • Trips are organized by country, not currency. You can track expenses individually for France, Spain and Germany even though they all use the euro (€). The app knows which currency to use for a given country.
  • Supports 200 countries and 141 currencies!

Purchase/Expense Entry

  • Quickly add purchases on the go. Let the app handle currency conversions and calculate taxes.
  • Use it as a shopping calculator.
  • Add your own categories, subcategories or payments on the fly.

Finally, all this bookkeeping won't be useful unless you can get some quick information from the app. fxChange Travel Budget takes all your purchases for a trip and summarizes them so you can how you are doing at a glance. You can also go back to the itemized list to see where you spent too much.

Expense Summaries

  • Get a total expense summary for the trip including number of individual purchases, in your own currency.
  • Get expense summaries grouped by category, country or date.

fxChange Travel Budget a must-have travel tool!