Do I need Wi-Fi or 3G?

Wi-Fi or a cellular network is needed when you need to retrieve rates from the internet or when you want to email the CSV file to yourself. It is also needed if you want access to online help.

Even if you have no network connectivity, you can still use the app. The rates from last update are saved. You can also manually enter your own rates.

Where do the rates come from?

Rates are retrieved and aggregated from five sources:

Do I need to have a foreign country?

No. If you are only planning on traveling in your home country, you don't have to add a foreign country.

This will also simplify the 'Add Purchase' screen as currency exchange will not be applicable.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, the wrong navigation elements will be mixed up. For instance, the (+) will bring up the 'Add Trip' screen instead of the 'Add Purchase' screen. We are currently looking at what causes this issue, but in the meantime, restarting the app will "fix" this navigation issue.